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Terran Society (T.S) is defined as two parallel organizations.

  1. A cooperative association chartered in the state of Minnesota for serving the function as an association of independent cooperatives. The purpose of this association is to have shared access of resources (e.g., software, hardware, best business practices, etc.) among all member cooperatives. As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a cooperative is

      an enterprise or organization owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services.

  2. A private club designed to address the numerous challenges facing not only the American people but humanity in general. These challenges include:

Terran Society as a Cooperative Association

As a cooperative association, Terran Society is currently limited in membership (as of June 2019), as it currently only has several founding and active members. As an organization, we have begun the implementation of a multi-phase operation of producing resources and financial independence in order to develop future member cooperatives.

Phase 1 one of this agenda includes the development of Terran Foods LLC, which will be an umbrella company with numerous sub-division specializing in a wide range of food service related ventures in the following order, including but not limited to:

  1. the manufacturing and distribution of our signature dry mix cookie products,

  2. Catering division specializing in organic and general allergen free recipes (i.e., free of dairy, gluten, soy, certain tree-nuts);

  3. The development of restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and other food and beverage related operations specializing in offering only clean food and drink;

  4. The development of sustainable agriculture, including the development of concentrated localized greenhouse operations, organic farming, and the cultivation of fungi;

  5. The development of non-profit food shelters and soup kitchens specializing in providing members of the community accessible healthy food void of fluoridated tap water and other deleterious additives such as pesticides (e.g., cryolite, sulfuryl fluoride, atrazine, Roundup), known neurotoxins (aspartame, MSG, hydrolyzed proteins, glyphosate), estrogen mimicking compounds (bisphenol-A, glyphosate, polychlorinated biphenyl), artificially synthesized emulsifiers (polysorbate-80 and carboxymethylcellulose plant foods engineered with the genes of pesticide producing bacteria, and known carcinogens (benzene, glyphosate).

Once Terran Foods LLC develops consistent profit returns, there will be an action plan designed to transition the company from a privately owned venture to a cooperative based on a set of rules that conform to the principals of Terran Society Cooperative Association and the business laws within the state of Minnesota.

Upon the success of phase 1, the next business entity we will seek to develop is the Infodine Software company. One of our founding members has numerous expertise in the management of an information technology (IT) business. We will develop this company for accomplishing two primary purposes:

  1. Developing software that can be used freely by any member cooperative within the Terran Society Cooperative Association,

  2. Develop and market software products to the general market and use the profits to further develop other projects of Terran Society.

Following this, phase 3 of T.S will specialize in the development of a healing center cooperative designed with architecture and resource consumption that is harmonious to the local ecology. As of now (June 2019), the current goal of phase 3 is to develop a parcel of undeveloped land somewhere in the region of northern Minnesota. The project will be to develop a spa/resort that is not for the purpose of luxury but for the purpose of the individual to remove themselves from the numerous pollutants of western society. Once the individual is removed from a harmful environment and placed in a clean environment, the resort will offer numerous methods of removing toxins from the individual, means that will include but are not limited to:

We strongly believe that once our fellow neighbors and countrymen are not held down by the physical constraints of artificial toxins will their entire outlook on life change for the better. As a brief look into the scientific literature will show, diet and environment are intricately linked to our physical and mental health.

Once phase 3 is accomplished, phase 4 will focus on the development of “Terran Packages”. The sole business plan of phase 4 will specialize in creating sustainable and portable energy technology. For example, we will develop a means of harnessing electricity as outline by the work of the well known scientist Nikola Tesla, and use such as means to develop a kit that can be assembled anywhere in the world, including harsh terrains such as deserts, mountains, and tundras.

The harnessing of the planet’s electromagnetic field is just one method, as there are numerous published methods regarding the development of small scale electricity producing technology. This step is crucial, for once this is achieved, these “Terran Packages” will then include portable greenhouse assembling kits, water filtration kits, and sustainable home architecture kits.

The idea will be to develop these “Terran Packages” as cost effective as possible, and to implement these packages in places around the world with the most horrifying living conditions.

As Terran Society Cooperative Association continues to grow and increase in membership, as defined by Terran Society principals, we will have a means by which new ideas can be added to the our agendas.

Overall our initial multi-phase plan is to accomplish the following:

Terran Society as a Private Club

As most Americans should know (and most people in general), the Republic of the United States - as founded by the Constitution authored by the men known as the Founding Fathers - has been overthrown in a series of coups that has led to installation of the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES. This corporation has been installed as a legal trust, with the bodies of it’s citizens exercised as property attached with an assumed arbitrary monetary value, by which the said corporation uses as a means of collateral to be issued loans from other corporations.

Furthermore, the real illusion is that the loans the corporation receives is attached with the burden of interest, which is never officially circulated into the economy, thereby forcing the corporation to continually receive loans by which it would be impossible to ever pay back. Hence is the bare reality of the current monetary system, and how the Federal Reserve Note is not really money backed by the value of true assets (i.e., gold, silver, land, gross domestic product), but rather it is by definition a debt note, or more colloquially, an “I owe you” note.

One understands that the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES is not the Republic of the United States, we can then ask ourselves, who are those in positions of public trust and payment, and what are these individuals doing. As the metaphor “down the rabbit hole” may explain, one must follow a mental journey of opening our eyes, perhaps for the first time ever, to truly understand the question and answer.

For the sake of summary, the world stage of those who call themselves leaders of nation-states, supranational organizations (i.e., the United Nations, European Union, Bank for International Settlements, IMF, WBG, WTO, etc.) are all members of international societies, some with their own public facades, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and Committee of 300.

However in reality, those in positions of assumed power are members of nefarious esoteric societies, many of whom enact their agendas via illegitimate government administrations (see current tax-dollar funded dictatorships, the oil kingdoms, Washington D.C.), organized religious institutions (see the Vatican) and supranational organizations (e.g., the UN). When one draws away the curtains and smokescreens, we find that the all powerful Wizard of Oz is not at all powerful, but is in fact just a person behind levers and pulleys. Likewise, when we pull back all the many lies and clever illusions propagated by those that call themselves “in control”, we find that there is very little that separates them from common thugs and gangsters.

It must be said for what it is, and that is, the world stage - filled with all those politicians and “public officials” - are in fact representatives for organized criminal syndicates, of which their criminal activity extends to but is not limited to the following:

Therefore, in light of the multitude of dangers the human being is tasked with solving, We the People must form a political organization and identify the problems for what they are. Since we the American people are in fact under a form of foreign occupation, we must be careful not to directly oppose the current system. For if we go about directly challenging those in positions of “power”, we will be spied upon, publicly ridiculed, financially disenfranchised, hunted down, and eventually be murdered and our families murdered (in this order). History is abundant with such domestic and international examples.

However, in the United States, the system still follows a set of rules, just as a computer program must follow rules. Therefore, the organization that is Terran Society will not only serve as an association of cooperatives, but will also be a private club with private members carrying out activities parallel to the business of Terran Society Cooperative Association.

For example, there are numerous activities that if an organization open to the public were to engage in, then they would be prosecuted by the foreign occupation. However, if members of a private club were to engage in activity not dangerous to either the individual or corporate state, will we be able to engage in said activities, such as the free distribution of sustainable energy production among private members.

This model of a private club is perhaps most notable during the prohibition of alcohol. For example, in the state of Kansas, if a patron was a private member of a drinking establishment, and the establishment was a private club, then the said member may engage in the purchasing and consumption of alcohol even though it was arbitrarily outlawed by the Federal government and/or state. Likewise, if Terran Society was a public organization and we engaged in the distribution of free energy technology, or distributed literature that would be considered by some as “subversive to the state”, we would be hunted down, imprisoned and murdered. However, if we are a private organization with private members, as long as we pay our dues and taxes, theoretically the state and feds would allow us to carry on with our business, since after all we are generating economic growth.

This point is fundamental to understanding the paradigm of Terran Society. We are not an organization for the purpose of attacking and overthrowing the current system, in fact we are the opposite. Our sole purpose is to develop and sustain a human centric form of organization in the form of a private club, eventually with our economy parallel to existing one. We will still interact with the current system and those whom are members of it, but we will be doing our own thing. We will be creating our own resources and assets, and we will engage in fair commerce and social activity adhering to the principals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of individual happiness as outlined by the chartered principals of Terran Society.

Effectively, what we as a private club seek to do is re-create and implement the concepts of the initial Republic so that we can create a system of human organization and interaction, with defined rules and rights, so that such a system can be replicated anywhere in the world.

As discussed in the multi-phase plan of developing the Terran Society Cooperative Association, we will initially specialize in clean food production and sustainable water filtration, for the pillars of any human civilization is predicated upon the society’s ability to produce food and harness fresh water.

As of June 2019, we are still in the early stages of developing our private club, and therefore have limited openings for membership. If you are reading this and have comments, concerns, questions, or interests you would like to share, please send an email to: TerranSociety@yandex.com.

Terran Society's Goals

We the founding members of Terran Society are intent on enlightening the human beings of our world, and to organize those that are enlightened with a new social contract so that we may interact, conduct trade, and live in a society for humans and by humans. This is not enlightenment solely by spiritual or religious means, but in fact through understanding the fundamental rules of our marvelous bodies, mother nature, and the world on which we stand on and share with every organism. The human beings of our world are reaching a crucial crossroads in our history, a time like which may seem to have never existed before. In such a time we witness great marvels of technology, communication, and information accessibility paralleling with the dystopian reality of poverty and unnecessary suffering of our fellow people.

Ultimately, the founding members of Terran Society are intent in creating a world by which our children will never again have to suffer from feel hunger and thirst, a world in which every human being has inalienable rights derived from whatever we believe to be our creator, so that human civilization may achieve the harmonious zenith of our collective potential.

Angelo Benedict Carton

Gerard Joseph Carton (a.k.a. Athanasius Kircher)
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Thank you if you have read this in it’s entirety and may peace be brought to you and your loved ones.